Compact non-carrier vaporizer with piezo actuator.

A piezo actuator control valve with micro flow rate control and fast response controls the liquid flow rate in the vicinity of the vaporization chamber.

The flow-controlled liquid is diffused through a mesh filter and heated in the vaporization chamber to achieve stable vaporization even at minute flow rates.

Small non-carrier vaporizer
Small non-carrier vaporizer


  • Non-Carrier Vaporization
  • Micro-flow vaporization
  • Valve proximity
  • Space saving
  • Easy maintenance

Examples of Use

Non-Carrier Vaporization of TEOS

Non-carrier vaporization based on high-temperature MFC has the disadvantage of low vaporization volume. Lintec’s unique non-carrier structure, the VU-3100, can supply non-carrier vaporization of TEOS: 5 g/min (538 SCCM) despite its compact size.

Specification Table

Max. temperatureMax TEOS vaporizationWetted materials
150℃5g/minSUS316L, PEEK®, Ni-Co, PTFE, Au