Compact high temperature heat exchanger with 300°C maximum operating temperature.


  • Compact design (169 mm x 177mm)
  • Capable of heating 20 SLM of N2 gas to 300°C
  • High temperature gas heating is ideal for carrier gas heating of solid sublimation or liquid vaporization supply

Example of use

Carrier gas pre-heating for liquid vaporization and solid sublimation

If high flow rate carrier gas is introduced into the vaporization chamber of a vaporizer unit, there is a risk of the chamber temperature drop and vaporization efficiency reduction. In other vaporization methods, such as bubbling and solid sublimation, carrier gas temperature is an important factor as well. The high temperature heat exchanger (HX-0051H) capable of heating gas up to 300℃ is ideal for carrier gas pre-heating.

Specification sheet

Flow rate (N2 conversion)Pressure lossWithstand pressure(G)Operating temperaturegas supply section

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