As a manufacturer of flow and fluid control equipment, we can customize everything from gas panels to fluid supply cabinets.

Liquid vapor supply systems

Liquid Vaporization System

Vaporization supply unit (vaporizer)

This system combines a gas MFM, liquid MFM and a vaporizer into a single unit which vaporizes and supplies the liquid by using the direct vaporization method.

Baking Unit

MFC Baking System

This system is using the baking method, in which the tank is heated to vaporize the liquid into vapor gas, which is then controlled by a high temperature MFC.

Bubbling Unit

Bubbling unit

This system is using the bubbling method which utilizes a gas MFC to control the carrier gas flow, vaporizes the liquid inside the liquid tank and supplies the vapor gas to the chamber.

Gas/ Liquid Supply System

Multi Gas Mixer

Multi Gas Mixer

This system is using MFC to purify and supply mixed gas consisting of the specified gas types at target concentration.

Automatic Liquid Supply System

Automatic Liquid Supply System

This system automatically supplies liquid from a built-in tank at the desired quantity.

Strengths of  Lintec Systems

  • By simply connecting various utilities, it is possible to automatically supply the desired gas or liquid and thus significantly reduce the workload.
  • Customized specifications can be made to meet your needs, such as gas/liquid type, flow rate, operating environment, etc., to ensure a stable supply of the specified gas/liquid.