Vaporization supply unit LVS Series
Vaporization supply unit LVS Series

LVS Series

The LVS series is a compact liquid vaporization feeder that uses a liquid mass flow controller and a vaporizer. As a manufacturer of fluid measurement and control equipment, the LVS series can supply liquids more stably than a bubbling unit and can handle higher flow rates and ambient pressure than a baking unit, thanks to a flow system that is tailored to the physical properties of the liquid.

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  • All-in-one design for easy liquid vaporization supply by simply connecting various utilities
  • Various specifications are available depending on the liquid properties, supply volume, and operating environment.
  • Clean structure for easy maintenance
  • Various alarm functions for safety


Direct vaporization method flow diagram
Direct vaporization method flow chart

The LVS series is mainly used in research and development applications for various liquid materials, providing vaporization supply of liquid materials used in the deposition processes such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Examples of Liquid Material Applications

C2H5OH / C6H14 / C6H14 / C6H14O3 / C14H32OSi / (CH3CH2)2NH / H2O / HMDS / HMDSO / SiCl4 / TEOS / TiCl4 /acrylic acid

*It is also possible to apply liquid types other than the above depending on the conditions. Please contact us for more details.