This latest model adopts a highly efficient double fluid nozzle structure, expands the vaporization chamber, and suppresses unvaporized gas by improving the vaporization outlet.

Compared to the VU-450, this vaporizer has improved convection time and heat exchange area due to the enlarged volume of the vaporization chamber. Achieves high flow vaporization.

By lengthening the distance to the gas outlet, the risk of unvaporized mist emission is suppressed.

Suitable for low vapor pressure precursors, as well as for high flow rate vaporization of Low-k & High-k precursors, various metals, etc.

Because it is a valve-integrated vaporizer, it can be combined with the LM-3000L to control the liquid flow rate near the vaporizer. This way, vaporization flow rate control with high responsiveness is possible.

High Efficiency Vaporizer [VU-440]
High Efficiency Vaporizer [VU-440]


  • Highly efficient vaporization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Close proximity valve structure
  • Increase the distance to the heating outlet

Example of Use

Vaporization supply of semiconductor materials (CVD, ALD)

By enlarging the vaporization chamber, the mist atomized from the central double fluid nozzle spreads more compared the VU-450. By increasing the power of heater, it is possible to vaporize higher flow rates of liquids, 30g/min in TEOS or 5g/min in H2O conversion at high stability.

Max. temperatureCarrier gas flowMax TEOS vaporization
Max H2O vaporization
Seal materials