Highly efficient vaporizer with two-fluid nozzle (liquid nozzle and carrier gas nozzle).

A liquid nozzle and a carrier gas nozzle (0.05~4 SLM) merge just before the vaporization chamber to atomize the liquid into fine particles. Highly efficient liquid vaporization is achieved by radiation heat from the atomized liquid.

A liquid control valve on top of the vaporization chamber receives flow signals from a liquid mass flow meter (LM-3000L) and adjusts the valve opening degree. By controlling the flow rate, stable vaporization supply is possible.

High-efficiency vaporizer [VU-430]
High-efficiency vaporizer [VU-430]


  • Highly efficient vaporization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Valve proximity structure

Examples of Use

Vaporization of low vapor pressure materials

Highly efficient and stable liquid vaporization supply even with low vapor pressure materials such as Low-K, High-k, and various metals by heat-resistant structure with a maximum temperature of 200°C and two-fluid nozzles. Separate side and bottom temperature control of the heater block enables precise temperature control. Delicate temperature control is possible even for materials prone to thermal denaturation.

Specification Table

Max. temperatureCarrier gas flowMax TEOS vaporization
Max H2O vaporization
Seal materials