This is a stand-alone device that provides the power supply, flow rate setting, and flow rate output display necessary to use a mass flow controller.

The displayed value can be changed according to F.S. In addition to displaying the flow value (instantaneous), it can also display the totalized value.

Connection example

Local control

Mass Flow Controller Power supply Read-out Unit 2 in 1
Power supply Read-out Unit 2 in 1

One mass flow controller and one RP-310 are connected with a dedicated cable, and the mass flow controller is controlled from the RP-310 via analog.

Remote control

Inputs setting and output signals of the mass flow controller from a host device such as a PLC via RP-310, and displays them on RP-310.

Specification sheet

Supply voltageAC100-240V
MFC setting signal output0-5VDC (D-sub connector)
MFC flow signal input0-5VDC (D-sub connector)
External setting signal Input/Output0-5VDC (terminal block)