Vaporizer with two-fluid nozzle and blow-up gas from the bottom of the vaporization chamber to reduce contact with the vaporization chamber wall in the liquid phase.

The two-fluid nozzle for highly efficient vaporization and the blow-up gas from the bottom of the vaporization chamber reduce contact with the sides of the vaporization chamber. This reduces thermal transformation. Even thermally unstable materials can be stably vaporized.

Two vaporization volume sizes are available: VU-920 and VU-912. Vaporizer selection is possible according to vaporization flow rate.

Light Contact Vaporizer [VU-900]
Light Contact Vaporizer [VU-900]


  • High Efficiency Vaporization
  • Light contact vaporization
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Valve proximity


  • Valveless

Examples of Use

Vaporization of thermally alterable liquids

Blowup gas pushes out the vaporized gas that remains in the vaporization chamber. The blowup gas merges with the vaporization chamber wall before impacting the wall, thus reducing contact with the wall, which is subject to large temperature changes. This is ideal for vaporizing and supplying liquids of organometallics, which may generate products due to thermal transformation, and silane materials, which may polymerize.

Specification Table

ModelMax. temperatureMax H2O vaporizationSeal materials