Compact heat exchanger capable of heating 50 SLM of N2 to 200°C.


  • •Compact design (158 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm)
  • Maximum flow rate 50SLM
  • Maximum operating temperature 200°C
  • Capable of heating gases that do not corrode the gas contacting material (SUS316L)
  • Can be used under vacuum or pressure

Example of use

Dilute N2 heating  the heating dilute N2 before introducing into the pipe abatement equipment

Prevention of exhaust line clogging in etching equipment

The exhaust lines of semiconductor manufacturing or FPD manufacturing tools often subject to clogging when the reaction gas adheres to the piping before moving on to an exclusion device. Therefore, it is common to dilute it with high temperature N2, but heating the gas with a tape heater from the outside of the piping is not sufficient enough. The compact heat exchanger (HX-0050A) heats the fluid sufficiently to minimize the clogging build-up risks.

Specification sheet

Flow rate (N2 conversion)Pressure lossWithstand pressure(G)Max. temperaturegas supply section

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