High-efficiency compact HX series heat exchanger for instant heating of fluids.

Various fluid heating

The heating block is made of SUS316L and since there’s no direct contact between the heater and the fluid, instant heating without block corrosion is guaranteed.

Reliable gas heating

Gaseous fluids flowing in the piping tend to be difficult to heat up and are subject to temperature drop.

Usually, fluids are heated with a tape heater attached to the external surface of the piping, but in that case it is difficult for heat to properly reach the central part of the piping. Lintec’s heat exchanger provides a solution by reliably and instantaneously heating the fluid.

Gas heating after the mass flow control

Many semiconductor manufacturing processes often require not only to heat the gas but also to control the heated gas. Therefore, in order to control the flow rate with a mass flow controller on the inlet side of the heat exchanger, it is necessary to minimize the pressure loss downstream the mass flow controller. Lintec heat exchanger has a minimal pressure loss that contributes to applications that require heated gas flow rate control.

Heat Exchanger Product List

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