A high-performance digital mass flow meter for liquids with a built-in microflow rate sensor and PID controller.

LM-3000L Series

LM-3000L is equipped with a high precision liquid flow sensor, achieving high accuracy micro flow rate measurement of liquids with 0.1g/min to 20g/min full scale equivalent to C2H5OH.

Since it has a built-in PID controller, it is possible to control the flow rate of liquid by combining it with Lintec’s valve-equipped products (vaporizers, control valves).

High Performance Digital Mass Flow Meter
LM-3000L Series


  • Micro flow liquid measurement
  • Vaporization flow control
  • Accuracy ±1% F.S.
  • Metal seal
  • Clean (zero particle structure)
  • RS-485 communication


  • High temperature
  • Sterile processing (SPI) treatment

Examples of Use

Flow control of liquid vaporization flow rate

By combining a liquid mass flow meter (LM-3000L) with a Lintec’s vaporizer with built-in control valve (VU), it is possible to control the flow rate introduced into the vaporizer in the immediate vicinity of the vaporization chamber. Therefore, a highly responsive vaporization flow control is achieved without being affected by the heat of the vaporizer.

Liquid flow control

Since LM-3000L has a built-in PID controller, it can be used as a mass flow controller when used with a Lintec control valve (CV-1000).

Specification Table

Flow rate C2H5OH conversion0.1 ~ 1.0g/min~ 6g/min~ 30g/min
Flow rate H2O conversion0.1 ~ 0.2g/min~ 1.0g/min~ 15g/min
Accuracy1.0% F.S.2.0% F.S.
Operating differential pressure50 ~ 300kPa
Temperature15 ~ 35℃
Seal materialsAu