High temperature compact design heat exchanger capable of heating 250 SLM in N2 equivalent at Max 300°C.


  • Compact design  (240mm x 101mm x 75mm)
  • Maximum flow rate 250SLM
  • Maximum operating temperature 300°C
  • 300°C and 500 SLM are possible with two units in parallel
  • Designed to minimize the difference between the set temperature and outlet gas temperature
High temperature heat exchanger

Example of use

Wafer warp correction

Wafers have a tendency to warp after continuous depositions. One of the countermeasures is to correct the warpage by using high temperature, high flow rate heating air. The warpage can be corrected by using the two high temperature heat exchangers (HX-0301) in parallel which can generate high temperature, high flow gas at 300℃ and 500SLM.

Specification sheet

Flow rate (N2 conversion)Pressure lossWithstand pressure(G)Max. temperaturegas supply section

*Please contact us directly for detailed specifications of high temperature heat exchanger.