High-temperature gas heater capable of heating 250 SLM of N2 equivalent at Max 300°C in a compact design.


  • Compact design with height 240 mm x width 101 mm x width 75 mm
  • Maximum flow rate 250SLM
  • Maximum operating temperature 300°C
  • 300°C and 500 SLM are possible with two units in parallel
  • Designed to minimize the difference between the set temperature and outlet gas temperature

examples showing the use (of a word)

Wafer warp correction

Wafers can warp due to repeated deposition. One of the countermeasures is to correct warpage by using high-temperature, large-flow hot air, and the high-temperature gas heater (HX-0301), which can generate high-temperature, large-flow air at 300°C and 500 SLM by using two units in parallel, is ideal for correcting warpage.

specification sheet

Flow rate (N2 conversion)Pressure lossWithstand pressure(G)Max. temperaturegas supply section

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