High-temperature efficiency vaporizer with a maximum operating temperature of 300°C.

Highly efficient vaporizer with two-fluid nozzle (liquid nozzle and carrier gas nozzle (0.8~180SLM)).

Metal seals and heat-resistant construction enable vaporization at a maximum operating temperature of 300°C.

Equipped with multiple liquid control valves to realize simultaneous flow control and vaporization of multiple liquids such as diluent and cleaning liquid in addition to raw material liquid.

High-temperature, high-efficiency vaporizer VU-550
High-temperature, high-efficiency vaporizer VU-550


  • Highly efficient vaporization
  • Maximum operating temperature 300°C


  • Multiple liquid flow control valve

Examples of Use

Vaporization of high boiling point liquids

The two-fluid nozzle and heat-resistant structure with a maximum heating temperature of 300°C make it ideal for vaporizing low-vapor pressure liquids with high boiling points, such as Low-K, High-k, and various metals.

By installing optional multiple liquid control valves near the vaporization chamber, it is possible to vaporize raw material liquids, diluents, and solvents alternately or simultaneously.

Specification Table

Max. temperatureCarrier gas flowMax TEOS vaporization
Max H2O vaporization
Seal materials