Capable of a maximum temperature setting of 300°C, with an enlarged vaporization chamber compared to the VU-550. Large flow rate vaporizer with increased heater power and extended vaporization outlet distance.

Au seals are used to achieve a maximum heating temperature of 300°C.

Vaporization chamber is enlarged compared to conventional products to optimize vaporization efficiency even in high flow rate vaporization. Heater power is 240V, 2400W, the largest output of any Lintec vaporizer.

Three types of valves are available for interlocking with liquid mass flow: piezo, solenoid, and none.

Large Flow Vaporizer [VU-462]
Large Flow Vaporizer [VU-462]


  • Highly efficient vaporization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Valve proximity
  • Maximum operating temperature 300°C
  • Increased outlet heating distance
  • Valve selectable

Examples of Use

High-concentration, high-flow vaporization

Vaporizer temperature can be set to a maximum of 300°C. Therefore, stable vaporization is possible even with a small amount of carrier gas. This is ideal for processes that require a high-concentration vaporization supply.

Source of superheated vapor

Combined with LM-3700, it can vaporize up to 15 g/min of H2O. Ideal for production facilities as a source of superheated steam vapor with minimal pressure fluctuation not only for experiments but also for production facilities.

Specification Table

ModelMax. temperatureCarrier gas flowMax TEOS vaporization
Max H2O vaporization
Seal materials
Au, Karlez®