VU-462 is remarkable for maximum 300℃ operating temperature, enlarged vaporization chamber compared to VU-550, increased heater power and extended vaporization outlet distance.

Leak stable performance at high operating temperature is achieved by implementing metal seals.

The vaporization chamber is larger than the conventional product, and the vaporization efficiency is optimized even at high flow rate vaporization. The heater power is also equipped with a 240V, 2400W heater, which is the highest one among Lintec vaporizers.

There are three valve options available for this vaporizer: piezo, solenoid, and valveless.

Large Flow Vaporizer [VU-462]
Large Flow Vaporizer [VU-462]


  • Highly efficient vaporization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Close proximity valve structure
  • Maximum operating temperature 300°C
  • Improved heated part of the vapor outlet
  • Selectable valve type

Examples of Use

High-concentration, high-flow vaporization

The 300℃ maximum operating temperature enables vaporization with a very low carrier gas flow rate, which is ideal for processes that require a high concentration vapor supply.

Source of superheated vapor

In combination with LM-3700, it is possible to control and vaporize H2O up to maximum 15g/min. It is suitable not only for experiments but also for tools as a superheated vapor generation source with a minimal pressure fluctuation.

Specification Table

ModelMax. temperatureCarrier gas flowMax TEOS vaporization
Max H2O vaporization
Seal materials
Au, Karlez®