A highly versatile mass flow controller with a variable range function that allows full scale range adjustment, and has digital communication (RS-485) and metal seal.

MC-700 Series

Variable range function allows flow control at different setups with a single unit, which eliminates the necessity to use multiple MFCs and thus helps to reduce the spare parts’ number. This MFC is ideal for experimental tools which often require gas type and flow rate change.

Variable Range(VR) Mass Flow Controller


  • Variable function
  • Metal seal
  • RS-485 communication


  • RS-232 communication

Example of Use

Experimental equipment and prototypes

Experimental and prototype tools are often required to control various gases at different flow ranges, so it’s necessary to have multiple mass flow controllers. The MC-700 series is a mass flow controller that comes standard with a VR function that allows you to change the gas type and flow rate, so it is ideal because it can accommodate multiple specifications with one unit and keep the costs down. In addition, the seal material is a metal seal which made with SUS-316L, making it compatible for highly corrosive gases’ applications.

Common MFC spare parts

It is necessary to store mass flow controllers for multiple different gas types and flow rate ranges as spare parts depending on the application, but MC-700 equipped with VR function can handle multiple gases and flow rates including corrosive gases, and can thus be used in a variety of situations. Also, by standardizing mass flow controllers, MC-700 can contribute to reducing the need for spare parts.

Specification Table

Flow rate in Nitrogen(Full scale)10 ~ 3,000SCCM~ 10SLM~ 50SLM
Flow rate control range2 ~ 100% F.S.
Accuracy±1.0% F.S.
Operating differential pressure50 ~ 300kPa100 ~ 300kPa150 ~ 300kPa
Temperature15 ~ 35℃
Seal materialsSUS316L