The VU-3000 is a clean non-cali vaporizer that does not require caligas.

Diffuses flow-controlled liquid through a mesh filter at the vaporization chamber inlet. Stable liquid vaporization supply even with non-carriers.

The maximum vaporizer temperature can be set up to 200°C, enabling non-carrier vaporization and supply of various liquid materials including H2O.

Non-carrier vaporizer [VU-3000]
Non-carrier vaporizer [VU-3000]


  • Non-Carrier Vaporization
  • Maintainability

Examples of Use

Ashing and Cleaning

H2O is commonly used for cleaning such as ashing (oxidation), but the baking method using a high-temperature mass flow controller is commonly used for non-calibrated supply. However, the baking method has restrictions on secondary side conditions (reduced pressure) and supply volume.

Atmospheric pressure evaluation with H2O gas

If the VU-3000 is capable of instantly vaporizing H2O (liquid phase) introduced into the vaporizer even under atmospheric pressure conditions, the amount of H2O gas generated can be precisely controlled by controlling the flow rate with a liquid mass flow controller and introducing it into the vaporizer. It can be used for evaluations using H2O gas under atmospheric conditions, such as in fuel cells.

Specification Table

Max. temperatureMax H2O vaporizationWetted materials
200℃5g/minSUS316L, Karlez®, Polyimide, Au