VU-3000 is a clean structure vaporizer that does not require carrier gas.

Constantly controlled liquid is diffused to the mesh filter at the entrance of the vaporization chamber. Stable liquid vapor supply is guaranteed even without carrier gas.

The maximum temperature can be set up to 200℃, realizing non-carrier gas vaporization supply of various liquid materials including H2O.

Non-carrier vaporizer [VU-3000]
Non-carrier vaporizer [VU-3000]


  • Non-Carrier Vaporization
  • Easy maintenance

Example of Use

Ashing and Cleaning

For wafer cleaning applications, such as ashing (oxidation), H2O is usually supplied via the baking vaporization method using a high temperature MFC.

However, this method has restrictions on the downstream line conditions (reduced pressure) and flow rate. VU-3000 enables supply of H2O at 5g/min (6.2SLM)  without the carrier gas and regardless of the downstream line conditions.

Atmospheric pressure evaluation with H2O gas

Accurate supply of H2O vapor gas is possible due to momentary vaporization ability of the vaporizer and precise control of a liquid mass flow controller. H2O gas can be supplied at atmospheric pressure conditions for various applications, such as fuel cells evaluation.

Specification Table

Max. temperatureMax H2O vaporizationWetted materials
200℃5g/minSUS316L, Karlez®, Polyimide, Au