PS series power supply supports max. 9 MFC units and provides ±15 power supply, which is necessary for most mass flow controllers and meters.

The power supply can handle a wide range of voltages from AC85 to 240V, and external control is also possible by relaying mass flow setting signals, output signals, and valve open/close signals.

Power supplies dedicated to mass flow controllers [PS Series]

Connection example

Analog Communications

Flow setting signals and flow output signals are input to the mass flow controller from a host device such as a PLC via the PS series, and a ±15 V power supply is supplied from the PS series.

Digital Communications

When using a PC interface such as LabVIEW or a digital communication from a PLC to prevent the noise, the PS series supplies a power of ±15V to the mass flow controller.

Specification sheet

Number of MFC connections3 units6 units9 units