The high temperature mass flow meter that can be used in environments with the maximum operation temperature of 120℃ (150℃ when not energized).

MM-3000L-TN Series

High temperature is possible by separating the wetted part and the circuit board part which is sensitive to heat.

High Temperature Mass Flow Meter
MM-3000L-TN Series


  • Operating temperature Max 120°C
  • Metal seal
  • Clean (zero particle structure)
  • RS-485 communication


  • Heater block

Specification Table

Flow rate in Nitrogen(Full scale)10 ~ 5,000SCCM~ 25SLM
Flow rate control range2 ~ 100% F.S.
Accuracy±1.0% F.S.
TemperatureL:80 ~ 100℃
H:100 ~ 120℃
Seal materialsAu