This is a dedicated operation check device for mass flow controllers that can check the voltage status of the set voltage and output voltage with the MFC.

It also has a built-in low-power voltmeter to monitor whether the signals from the device and from the MFC to the device are normal, facilitating the search for the cause of malfunctioning.

Power supplies dedicated to mass flow controllers [PS Series]

Connection example

Analog Communications

Connect this instrument between the mass flow controller and the equipment power supply, or between the mass flow controller and the power supply display setting unit (RP-310) to measure and check various signals and voltages.

Measuring Functions

  • Power supply voltage (±15VDC)
  • Flow setting voltage (0-5VDC)
  • Flow output voltage (0-5VDC)
  • Valve open/close voltage (±15VDC)
  • Shell voltage