Compact heat exchanger with a maximum heating temperature of 200°C.


  • Compact design (160 mm x  55 mm)
  • Capable of heating 10 SLM of N2 gas to 200°C
  • Any gas that is not corrosive to the SUS316L wetted parts can be applied
  • Can be used under vacuum or pressurized conditions

Example of use

High temperature purging of ALD and CVD tools

Liquefied gases are often used in ALD, CVD and other film formation processes under vacuum conditions. If the pipe purging is conducted with gas at room temperature, there is a risk of condensation or insufficient purging. Therefore, high temperature purge is considered to be more effective. The compact gas heater (HX-0020) has a similar footprint to a MFC, heats gas up to 200℃ and is able to heat up the gas nearby the use point, making it ideal for hot purging of ALD, CVD, and other vacuum thin deposition tools.

Specification sheet

Flow rate (N2 conversion)Pressure lossWithstand pressure(G)Operating temperatureWetted parts

*Please contact us directly for detailed specifications of small gas heaters and compact heat exchanger.