High performance digital mass flow controller with guaranteed ±1% S.P. accuracy.

MC-3000L Series

Lintec’s unique ambient temperature compensated flow rate sensor enables highly accurate flow measurement even at low temperatures. It suppresses the heat aging of the sensor and allows flow rate control even for highly decomposable gases such as ozone.

This high performance and omnipotent digital mass flow controller has various options available for selection: liquefied gas, micro flow rate F.S., wide range, custom spacing length or fitting type etc.



  • Accuracy ±1%S.P.
  • Operating temperature 5 to 50°C
  • Metal seal
  • Clean (zero particle structure)
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • RS-485 communication


  • Micro Flow F.S.
  • Compatible with liquefied gas
  • Wide range

Example of Use

Semiconductor manufacturing front-end process

Since highly reactive gases are used in deposition equipment, such as CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) and etching equipment, a gas mass flow controller with a highly corrosion resistant metal seal is essential.

In addition, many precursor gases at normal temperature and pressure only exist in liquid state, so it is important to have a heat-resistant valve with a structure designed to prevent liquefaction of the precursor gas. The high-precision mass flow controller MC-3000L has liquefied gas compatible options and a maximum operating temperature of 50℃ (55℃ with the option).


Analyzers are sometimes required to control micro low flow rates, but the 5SCCM minimum F.S. of most conventional mass flow controllers don’t allow these kind of operations. High-precision mass flow controller MC-3000L can be manufactured with 1SCCM F.S. or less as an option. Please contact us for details.

In addition, the high-precision mass flow controller MC-3000L is equipped with a diaphragm valve with small dead volume as the standard.

Specification Table

Flow rate in Nitrogen(Full scale)5~5,000SCCM~20SLM~50SLM~50SLM~150SLM~200SLM~400SLM
Flow rate control range2 ~ 100% F.S.
Accuracy100~25% F.S. ±1.0%S.P.
25%~2% F.S. ±0.25% F.S.
100~35% F.S. ±1.0%S.P.
35%~2% F.S. ±0.35% F.S.
1% F.S.2% F.S.
Operating differential pressure50 ~ 300kPaPlease check our catalog.Please check our catalog.150 ~ 500kPa250 ~ 500kPa300 ~ 500kPa350 ~ 500kPa
Temperature5 ~ 50℃
Seal materialsAu