Fast delivery and low price Viton™ seal mass flow controller.

MC-10 Series

A low-cost mass flow controller ideal for controlling the flow rate of inert gases such as Ar, N2, etc. and controlling the flow rate of Air. Limited specifications enable quick delivery time.

RS-485 digital interface and variable range function are available as options



  • Low price


  • Variable function
  • RS-485 communication

Example of Use


In PVD film deposition processes such as sputtering, Ar is generally used as an inert gas, a stable gas that is less likely to cause chemical reactions. If you need to control the flow rate of an  inert gas such as Ar, we recommend the low-cost mass flow controller MC-10RC.

Inert gas analysis and experimental equipment

We recommend the low-cost MC-10RC for applications that don’t require corrosive gases. Furthermore, with the VR function option, it is possible to change the gas type and flow range in-line. This product is ideal for simple experiments and analytical equipment.

Specification Table

Flow rate in Nitrogen(Full scale)10 ~ 5,000SCCM~ 50SLM
Flow rate control range2 ~ 100% F.S.
Accuracy±1.0% F.S.
Operating differential pressure50 ~ 300kPa200 ~ 300kPa
Temperature15 ~ 35℃
Seal materialsViton®