SVC Series

The SVC series is a device that supplies liquid gas by heating a built-in tank and controlling the flow of vaporized gas with a mass flow controller for high temperature. As a manufacturer of fluid measurement and control equipment, we realize stable fluid supply by designing equipment that takes into account the physical properties of liquids.


  • Optimizes the temperature of the entire supply line to prevent liquefaction and provide a stable supply of vaporized gas.
  • All-in-one design for easy baking supply by simply connecting to various utilities.
  • Various specifications are available depending on the liquid properties, supply volume, and operating environment.
  • Clean structure for easy maintenance.
  • Equipped with various alarm setting functions for safety.


Baking method flow chart
Baking method flow chart

The SVC series is used to vaporize and supply liquid materials required in production facilities, such as C7H8 used in the deposition of carbon-based thin films such as DLC, SiCl4, an essential material for optical fiber production, and H2O used in the ashing performed in resist stripping, a semiconductor manufacturing process. Baking units are basically equipment that must be used under vacuum (reduced pressure) on the secondary side of the MFC.

Examples of Liquid Material Achievements

CH3OH / C5H5N / C5H8O2 / H2O / HMDS / HMDSO / OMCTS / SiCl4 / TEOS / TMCTS

*Please contact us for other materials than those listed above, as well, depending on conditions (secondary side depressurization, vapor pressure, etc.).