CV-1000 Control Valve for Liquid with Solenoid Actuator.

CV-1000 Series

Control valve for liquids with solenoid actuator; proportional solenoid valve with adjustable valve opening with 0 to 15 V voltage input.

Solenoid Actuator Control Valve (Liquid)
CV-1000 Series


  • Proportional Solenoid Valves
  • Metal seal
  • Clean

Examples of Use

Flow control valve for liquid

Combined with LM-3000L, it can be used as a mass flow controller for liquids.

Specification Table

Flow rate(C2H5OH)0.1 ~ 10g/min10 ~ 20g/min
Flow rate(H2O)0.1 ~ 0.5g/min5 ~ 10g/min
Flow rate control range5 ~ 100% F.S.
Valve operation modeNormally closed
Accuracy±1.0% F.S.
Operating differential pressure50 ~ 300kPa100 ~ 300kPa
Temperature0 ~ 50℃
Seal materialsAu

*When used with LM-3000L